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View samples of the AdWords how-to's you'll learn in this DVD workshop

“Watch and Learn the Secrets that Most Advertisers will Never Know About Google AdWords . . .”

Tired of trying to understand AdWords books that read like rocket launching manuals? Think pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is too complicated to fully grasp? Afraid spending will get out of control and you'll walk away with nothing to show for it?

Designed to meet the needs of beginner - intermediate level users, this 2 DVD workshop shows DIY advertisers how to build a successful AdWords marketing campaign with over 3 hours of easy to follow instruction, examples and control panel screen captures recorded live on the internet.

You'll see it all, starting with why you should consider advertising with AdWords and how to place your first ad, through to conversion tracking and performance analysis.

Along the way, you'll discover insider tips on how to optimize your results with campaign objectives, keyword research, audience targeting, ad copy tweaks, bid strategy and a lot more besides.

You'll be amazed at how easy it is for small-medium sized business owners the world over to tap the increasingly important Google search market and partner network.

The Keyword Marketer's Google AdWords Training Workshop shows you:

  • How to set campaign objectives and identify key performance indicators
  • How to design your campaign structure
  • How to understand Google Quality Scores and their pivotal role in ad positioning
  • How Quality Score determines your minimum cost per click
  • How to set up your account and create your first ad
  • How to navigate the AdWords control panel and maintain your campaigns
  • How to customize ad display and distribution settings
  • The pros and cons of distribution on partner sites
  • How to specify regional and city targeting
  • The #1 way to capitalize on local targeting
  • The special characteristics of Local Business Ads for Google Maps
  • The 4 keyword matching options - how and when to use them
  • Tips and tools for developing a great keyword list
  • How to write an effective ad
  • How to avoid the biggest mistake when testing ad copy variations
  • How to run A/B landing page split run tests the easy way
  • 7 ways to optimize landing page conversion rates
  • How to calculate your maximum click bid and break even point
  • How to set a campaign budget
  • How to customize ad delivery with scheduling
  • How to optimize Quality Scores
  • How to manage bids and bid strategy
  • How to track conversion results
  • How to set up reporting and carry out performance analysis
  • How to manage by return on investment (ROI) criteria
  • What you need to know about click fraud
  • And much, much more . . . view entire Table of Contents

Let our certified guide walk you through every single phase of the AdWords process in a logical manner. In the end, you'll be able to use these AdWords how-to's to generate campaigns that produce results with fail-safe predictability.

You'll be amazed at how easily and quickly you learn via the DVD format.

"This DVD is stunning . . . I learned so much! You have a real talent for explaining things and the amount of information is simply amazing. Unlike a lot of products, this one will actually help grow my business and return the cost 100 times over."

Lee Wood

Your DVD AdWords Guide Includes:

Expert instruction from a Certified Paid Search Management professional. Marketing Experiments Professional Certification Program
DVD format so you can watch sessions as many times as you want at your leisure.
Vital tools and calculators that help you keep spending under control at all times.
A logical sequence of events so you understand the full process as it unfolds.
Step-by-step demonstrations of the Google control panel in action to help familiarize you with how each function works.
Formulas for those who prefer them - simple point-and-click tools for those who don't.
Easy-to-understand language that everyone can follow.

Plus exclusive access to these proprietary campaign management tools via our members area:

BudgetMate: Calculate cost per order targets, maximum bid, and campaign objectives.
CouponMate: Encourage web-2-store conversions via AdWords with coupons.
PhraseMate: Keyword phrase generator.

Whether you are already using Google AdWords or just considering it, this is one DVD you'll want to see.

Highly recommended.

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“A fantastic overview of how to set up, test and tweak a profitable Google Adwords campaign! This video will teach you how to choose the options and strategies that deliver the best payoff from your advertising budget.”

Marcia Yudkin
Author, Web Site Marketing Makeover