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Table of Contents

Designed to meet the needs of beginner - intermediate level users, this workshop shows DIY advertisers how to build a successful AdWords search marketing campaign with over 3 hours of easy to follow instruction, examples, checklists and control panel screen captures recorded live on the internet.

1. Introduction

2. Why Advertise with Google AdWords

  • Statistical trends driving the adoption of search advertising
  • 7 reasons to advertise with AdWords
  • Is AdWords suitable for all business types?
  • AdWords success stories

3. Now Hear This!

  • A short orientation and terminology session

4. Goal Definition and Key Performance Indicators

  • Goal definition for service industries
  • Goal definition for direct response advertisers
  • Conversion events and other KPIs

5. Campaign Structure

  • Introduction to AdWords account structure
  • How AdGroup strategy improves clickthrough rates
  • How to get started on campaign design
  • Is there an optimal campaign structure?

6. The Quality Score Ad Ranking System

  • Quality Scores and their role in ad positioning
  • How ad position is determined
  • The AdWords Bid Discounter
  • The components of Quality Score

7. Keyword Status & Minimum Bids

  • How Quality Score determines your minimum cost per click
  • How minimum CPC affects keyword status
  • The 4 'must know' features of the minimum bid system

8. Your First Ad

  • Activating your AdWords account for the first time
  • Your first keyword ad: step-by-step

9. Navigating the AdWords Control Panel

  • Control panel overview
  • How to add, edit, pause or delete ad campaigns
  • How to drill down to keyword level performance statistics
  • Identifying Inactive keywords
  • Bid management 101
  • How to add up to 800 keywords at a time with Power Posting
  • Assigning a unique CPC or destination url to individual keywords
  • Creating and editing text ads
  • Your new tool shed

10. The Google Ad Distribution Network

  • Google properties that carry AdWords
  • Introduction to contextual advertising
  • Content partners vs. Search partners
  • Customizing your network distribution settings

11. Contextual Advertising

  • The pros and cons of contextual advertising
  • Smart Pricing - what it is and how it affects you
  • Content Bidding; how to place separate bids in dual purpose campaigns
  • Using the Site Exclusion Filter to create a Content Network blacklist

12: The Case for Separation

  • Quality Score and the Content Network
  • 4 reasons to separate search from contextual campaigns
  • The default campaign setting you'll want to turn off

13. Geographical Targeting Options

  • Why local search is hot
  • What makes geo-targeting attractive to local advertisers
  • Regional and city targeting in North America, the UK and Australasia
  • How to specify custom defined geo-targeting worldwide

14. Geo-Targeting: the Fine Print

  • The #1 way to capitalize on local targeting
  • How to identify locally targeted ads
  • Geo-targeting caveats
  • Localized keywords - what they are and when to use them
  • What local targeting means for national advertisers

15. Local Business Ads for Google Maps

  • The special characteristics of Local Business Ads (LBAs)
  • Why LBAs beat geo-targeting in some circumstances
  • Making your company eligible to use LBAs
  • Creating your first LBA

16. Keyword Match Mode Options

  • The 4 keyword matching options - how and when to use them
  • The system default Expanded Match mode . . . and how to opt out

17. Targeting the Tail

  • The 'Buying Cycle' and how it manifests itself in the keywords people use
  • 'The Long Search Tail' and what it means for your keyword strategy

18. Keyword List Development

  • 6 questions to ask about search user intent
  • 10 keyword variation cues
  • How to discover your competitor's keyword list
  • Bidding on trademarked terms

19. Automated Keyword Tools

  • Using the official AdWords Keyword Tool
  • Wordtracker - the professionals tool of choice
  • PhraseMate - our free phrase permutation tool
  • Where to find a free comprehensive keyword research guide
  • Keyword list generation summary - our 5 step checklist

20. Meet the Editor

  • An overview of Google's editorial rules and guidelines . . . and why they matter

21. How to Write an Effective Ad

  • The facts about search user attention span
  • The real objective of your ad
  • The golden rule of effective search ad headlines
  • 7 tips for writing better ads

22. Landing Pages Demystified

  • Why landing page design and copy is so important
  • The single biggest landing page mistake
  • 7 specific tactics to optimize landing page conversion rate
  • Landing page Quality Score - how to avoid the “Google Slap”

23. Hand Me That Scalpel, Igor!

  • Real-time testing . . . the professionals favorite AdWords feature
  • How to avoid the biggest mistake when testing ad copy
  • Maxmizing click through with customized URL's
  • Why the default ad serving optimization feature may not be optimal
  • A/B landing page split run testing the easy way

24. What's a Click Worth?

  • How campaign objectives determine the value of a click
  • Setting appropriate objectives
  • Calculating your break even point
  • Calculating your maximum cost per click
  • Using BudgetMate . . . our automated budgeting tool

25. Setting a Budget

  • Budgeting with search volume forecasts
  • The AdWords Traffic Estimator
  • 3rd party search volume statistics
  • How conversion rate affects your cost per click budget
  • Average conversion rate statistics
  • 'What-if' scenario testing
  • 6 questions to ask about your proposed budget

26. Daily Budget Management

  • Daily budget settings and how they affect ad delivery
  • The AdWords Budget Optimizer
  • Making your budget go further
  • Customizing ad delivery with scheduling

27. Quality Score Optimization

  • Quality Scores and competing cost effectively
  • How a keyword can become uneconomic even when you're the only bidder
  • Qualifying for the 'Premium Listing' positions above organic search results
  • Quality Score optimization checklist

28. Bidding Strategies

  • Do I need to be # 1?
  • The effect of search behavior on strategy
  • How campaign objectives drive strategy
  • Bidding wars and how to avoid them
  • Launch strategy for new keywords
  • Strategic ad scheduling

29. Bid Management

  • Managing bids across multiple AdGroups & campaigns
  • Targeting specific ad positions
  • Automated bid management options

30. Troubleshooting Ads that Don't Display

  • 10 reasons why your ad may not display . . . and how to fix them
  • How to view ads without affecting your impression count
  • How to find that geo-targeted ad you normally can't see

31. Track or Perish

  • Setting up Google's free conversion tracking tool step-by-step

32. Tracking Offline Conversions

  • The numbers behind offline conversion trends.
  • Adapting your ad copy to suit consumer behaviour
  • How to track web-2-store conversions
  • The leading software solution for tracking web-2-call center conversions

33. Control Panel Reporting Tools

  • Overview of the Control Panel reporting tools
  • Contextual ad reporting
  • Search ad position reporting
  • Click trail reporting

34. Performance Analysis

  • Setting up your AdWords campaign as a profit center
  • Campaign profitability at the aggregate level
  • Appropriate reporting periods & analysis level by business type
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) analysis
  • How to deal with under-performing keywords

35. ROI Campaign Management

  • Calculating your Return on Investment
  • What's a good ROI?
  • How to prioritize budget spending by ROI
  • How to refine bidding strategy by ROI

36. Before You say . . . You're Fired!

  • A 7 point checklist to consider before you remove a keyword from your campaign

37. Click Fraud: Fact or Fiction?

  • Click fraud - how bad is it?
  • Google's response to the claims
  • The two most prevalent forms of click fraud
  • Preventative measures
  • Monitoring your account for fraudulent click activity

38. Closing Comments

  • Where to from here
  • Where to find the best buyers guide to 3rd party campaign managment service providers
  • How to get $300 worth of professional campaign design help for free.

Sample Clips